Our Babies

Our baby room focuses on a sensory approach as the senses are vital in the early years of development.  Equipment and displays are placed at child height so they can see, touch, feel and investigate their environment up close.

The room is self contained and we provide all nappies, wipes and formula milk (up to the age of 1 year), catering for all your babies needs.

The babies have their own playroom with access to the garden, together with a kitchen, sleep room and nappy changing room.

During your baby's pre start visits, it is a time to get to know each other, discussing your routine and their individual needs and requirements.  We will always keep you fully informed of your baby's progress through a daily diary and regular parent evenings where you can spend time chatting to your child's key carer.

When your baby begins to show developmental skills towards the next stage we will, in discussion with you, arrange visits for them to the next room.  You will also be invited for a 'settling in' visit and spend time meeting the team and your child's new key carer.