Our Food

Healthy eating and physical activity are essential for proper growth and development in childhood.  Growing children need plenty of energy (calories) and nutrients to grow and develop well, eating a good variety of foods, including lots of fruit and vegetables, will ensure they get all the important dietary components they need to develop.

At Squiggles we have strong views about the provision of a healthy, balanced diet and our responsibility for establishing good eating habits.

Every day we offer a healthy range of hot and cold meals carefully planned around a varied diet.  Our professional chef has developed four week winter and summer menus using only fresh foods, sourced locally and cooked daily on the premises.  We will happily cater for children with special dietary requirements using alternative ingredients to the arranged meal for the day.

We are very proud to have gained the top rating award of 5 stars for our food hygiene and safety from Environmental Health!  For more information please go to www.sevenoaks.gov.uk food hygiene rating scheme.