How can we support mindfulness in children?

Does your child become anxious?

Do they have tantrums?  Yes.....then this article may be useful.


I recently read this article which explained how we can support children with their mental well being and how to express their feelings.

It is so important to acknowledge and support how children may be feeling.  What may seem little and insignificant to us, can be of huge importance to your child, so here is an extract from the article and below is the link if you would like to read the full article.

'Sometimes, children are not able to manage their ‘big emotions’, resulting in a meltdown or explosion either in the classroom or at home, which can then lead to further distress caused by sanctions or other negative consequences. Often, these sanctions do not teach the child coping strategies and just make the situation worse. One possible reason for this disruptive behaviour is poor self-regulation, so it can be helpful to look at what might be going on and what we can do to help.'

'Fortunately, self-regulation is something that can be learned with help and support from caregivers, so whether you are a teacher or a parent, you can play a very important role in helping children learn to self-regulate. Children do not learn to self-regulate on their own, and at first their behaviour is driven by impulses, as we see in toddler tantrums! We need to find teachable moments to help children learn to self-regulate by using co-regulation and skills instruction, as well as practice (and plenty of praise when they try to manage their feelings).'

If you would like to read further, please find the link below to the full article.



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